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Welcome to SCRIP, Inc.

We aim to uplift individuals and local communities.

Second Chance Re-Entry Initiative Program, Inc. (SCRIP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose aim is to help marginalized individuals navigate the challenges and constraints in society to improve their lives and become successful in their career endeavors. We partner with local and national social service agencies, employment agencies, and community development programs to provide comprehensive services for participants. Our mission is to raise awareness of the often-overlooked traumatic experiences in urban communities. and help individuals overcome the oppressive realities of incarceration, homelessness, unemployment, and racial injustices. Each participant will understand how their past has influenced their present, identify their strengths, and rediscover who they are by valuing their inner-worth. Our uniquely designed programs help individuals reach their full potential, transition into the workforce, support their families, and bring healing to the community.

Our Founder

Mr. Edward L. Andrews, B.S., is a sociologist, author, lecturer, and Urban Trauma specialist. Featured in three articles in the Hartford Courant newspaper, he became a guest on the talk show HPTV. Mr. Andrews authored "The Reminder,” a novel that reads like a memoir of his life from the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Now a long-time Connecticut resident, he participates in conferences, panel discussions and has been a keynote speaker at several events addressing criminal justice and urban trauma issues. Mr. Andrews has tutored and mentored young adults in psycho-education groups, volunteered his services for City Hall in Hartford, and became a Case Manager for a Halfway House in Waterbury.

Building SCRIP

On his journey to assisting the justice-involved population, Mr. Andrews founded SCRIP, Inc. to equip marginalized individuals with the requisite skills necessary to overcome their barriers to success and compete in today’s economy. His passion was fueled by his own personal experience with the criminal justice system fueled he designed an intervention to help the often overlooked rediscover who they are. Building upon his other endeavor “Hidden Agenda,” which is a social service initiative that evaluates the historical and systemic challenges affecting minorities and urban communities, he created SCRIP as a strong counseling and educational initiative to transform the lives of participants and their families.

Get Involved

Your gift equips SCRIP with the resources, materials, supporting services, buildings, and equipment to fulfill our mission of improving the future for individuals throughout the region. SCRIP philanthropic programs are educatiobnal and charitable. We accept cash donations, clothing donations, and food donations. All donations are fully tax-exempt. Click here to donate...

SCRIP provides a variety of consulting, mentoring, and services designed to assist individuals in the elimination of the achievement, unemployment, incarceration, and entrepreneurial gaps in urban communities. Check out our schedule of activities to register for one of our programs that fits your needs.Click here for our programs...

SCRIP partners with regional and national organizations offering services for its participants to have a better tomorrow. We align with educational, corporation, government, community-based, and social service agencies to support the success of our clients. Click here to contact us...