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CARE Program

Purpose - Supports Transitioning Into Communities
The Comprehensive Adult Re-Entry (CARE) Program supports citizens transitioning from incarceration back into their communities. The program features a one-year subsidized housing contract along with a scaffolding of trauma-informed, empowering support to help each participant achieve independence, find employment, and sign their own lease by the end of the program. CARE brings together the strands of need identified in the research and the calls to action from our own communities, providing stable housing and an array of personal growth, employment, and social services supports designed to empower each of our participants to achieve independence and personal success, thereby strengthening not only their own well-being, but the well-being of their families and communities as well. The entire process comes together to create an evidence-based transition from incarceration in a jail or prison to becoming an independent member of the Hartford/ Manchester communities.

ASCEND Program

Purpose - Personal & Professional Development Training
Our Academic, Social, Counseling, Expert-Mentoring & Networking Development) (ASCEND) Program is a cognitive behavioral change program that helps formerly incarcerated individuals develop life and professional skills for career advancement. ASCEND helps participants shift their life paths toward personal responsibility and fulfillment.

Urban Male Initiative

Purpose - Urban Male Support Group
Since minorities are more likely to have serious psychological distress than other races, we provide a group discussion forum where black and Hispanic men have a dedicated place to visit when seeking emotional support.

SCRIP Clothing Drive

Purpose - Clothing distribution to formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals
We provide basic resources (clothing and food) for formerly incarcerated individuals as they work towards economic and family stability. We work with local shelters, food pantries, and donation centers for referrals to support our client’s well-being.

SCRIP Reprise

Purpose - Victim Support Services
We support for victims of traumatic experiences by providing financial assistance victims of crime and violence. We work with state agencies to support families needing assistance.


Purpose - Job Placement
Our Career Opportunities and Pathways to Employment (COPE) Program is a transitional employment program that helps individual build sustainable careers. We provide job referrals, assist with job placement, connect participants to internships, and offer lifelong career support.

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Your gift equips SCRIP with the resources, materials, supporting services, buildings, and equipment to fulfill our mission of improving the future for individuals throughout the region. SCRIP philanthropic programs are educatiobnal and charitable. We accept cash donations, clothing donations, and food donations. All donations are fully tax-exempt. Click here to donate...

SCRIP provides a variety of consulting, mentoring, and services designed to assist individuals in the elimination of the achievement, unemployment, incarceration, and entrepreneurial gaps in urban communities. Check out our schedule of activities to register for one of our programs that fits your needs.Click here for our programs...

SCRIP partners with regional and national organizations offering services for its participants to have a better tomorrow. We align with educational, corporation, government, community-based, and social service agencies to support the success of our clients. Click here to contact us...

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